Clifford Sor​ghum Festival

 October 6 & 7, 2018


Clifford Ruritan Club 

Clubhouse Details

  • Main Building- Can be used effectively for small-scale and large-scale events ranging from parties to festivals. Every year, the Clifford Ruritans use this space to hold the "Craft Fair" portion of the Sorghum Festival. 
  • Outdoor Pavilion- Organized to serve as an eating area, the pavilion is an ideal location to handle all of your food needs! The large space offers patrons protection from the elements, but also maintains excellent accessibility. 
  • Surrounding Grounds- The land adjoining our clubhouse is ideal for large outdoor events, especially festivals. Several fields serve as viable parking lots with an extremely accessible entrance. There is a great mixture of sunlight and shade provided by massive oak trees on the property, and vast fields. 

Please fill out the form to the left if you are interested in renting our clubhouse for an event. Please indicate the event that you wish to rent the clubhouse for in the "Message" field. After an initial evaluation, the Clifford Ruritan Club will contact you with additional information, and provide an additional rental application for filing purposes. If you have any other questions regarding facility amenities or rental obligations, feel free to include them in the "Message" field. 

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