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We enjoy making friends and family smile by giving them opportunities such as the Sorghum Festival to hang out and have a great time. Enjoy our home baked foods, and refreshments, while jamming to a local band/entertainment group. We take pride in supplying the local community with a fun, family oriented event, and we can't wait to see you there. 

Our objective

The Clifford Ruritan Club is dedicated to supporting the local community, through fun and family based events. The Annual Sorghum festival is our way for doing this. All the money we fundraise will go back into the community. 

Who we are

Clifford Sor​ghum Festival

 October 6 & 7, 2018

What is sORGHUM?

Sorghum is a grass like plant that is grown in large fields much like wheat and hay. Sweet Sorghum has a variety of uses much like sugar, it can be used to make molasses, breads, sorghum syrup, and other bake mixes. During the festival we focus mainly on the production of sweet sorghum syrup, that can be spread on many foods. The Process of making the syrup begins by removing the seeds of the stalk, the remaining cane will be crushed into juice. The juice is then boiled, while skilled cooks skim the top of the juice to get rid of excess foam/impurities that will ruin the flavor of the syrup. 

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How was your Sorghum Festival experience?  Let us know what you liked or didn't like, and send us your suggestions for next year.  Use the contact form on the Find Out More page.

What we do

We Prioritize the youth of Clifford, and Amherst County, over anything else. We believe that a well structured child is going to take key values from our club. We dedicate our program to help the children, and the community. By coming out this year, you allow us to. 

Visit Us!

If you are looking for a fun weekend stop by the Sorghum Festival and take part in the traditional Southern sorghum, music, and dances. We can't wait for you to see what the Ruritans have put together for you at the festival. If you are passionate for a country time, this is it!