Clifford Sor​ghum Festival

 October 6 & 7, 2018

Rain or shine event:

The Annual Sorghum Festival will take place even if the weather does not cooperate with us. In the case of high winds, cold weather, or rain, plan accordingly. 

admission free:

The Annual Sorghum Festival is an admission free event, but if you desire to park within festival grounds, parking will cost $5.00 per vehicle not per person. 

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Directions to the soRGHUM Festival:

GPS: 755 Fletchers Level Road, Amherst, Virginia


Take US 29 North past the town of Amherst. Drive 3 miles past US 60 at Amherst to Virginia Highway 151, Patrick Henry Highway. There will be an Apple Market on the left at US 29 and Patrick Henry Highway. Turn Left. Travel 1.7 miles on Patrick Henry Highway to Virginia Highway 610, Fletchers Level Road. Turn right on Fletchers Level Road. Drive 1/4 mile to the Ruritan Community Center on your right.

From Charlottesville(North)

Take US 29 South to Amherst County Line at the Tye River. From the river, continue 2.2 miles south on US 29 to Virginia Highway 610, Fletchers Level Road. There will be a lawnmower repair shop on the left. Turn right on Fletchers Level Road. Travel west one Fletchers Level Road for 1.6 miles. The Ruritan Community Center will be on your left. 

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