Pig Raffle

win this pig!

Like Cake? Well so do we. Take part in our multitudes of cake walks. Win beautifully baked and donated cakes from local Ruritans. 

Entertainment Line-Up

Saturday, Oct. 7 , 2017

9:30 am Welcome, Raffles, Cake Walk

9:45 am Little Mountain Boys

10:50 am Cake Walk

11:00 am Amherst Dance Academy

12:00 pm Virginia Statewide Jousting Championship - Jousting Field

12:10 pm Cake Walk & First Raffle Draw

12:20 pm Little Mountain Boys

1:25 pm Cake Walk

1:45 pm Jackson Moore Fiddle 

2:20 pm Cake Walk & Second Raffle Draw

2:30 pm Jousting Championship Winners

2:45 pm Little Mountain Boys

4:00 pm Cake Walk & Final Raffle Draw

Quilt Raffle!


​win this quilt!

2018 events will post in September, 2018!

Observe local craftsmanship by stopping by some of the best artisan vendors of central Virginia. 

Chow down on endless bowls of Brunswick Stew, while jamming to bluegrass bands. 

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017

12:00 pm Welcome, Silent Auction, Raffles

12:30 pm Jim Robertson & the McKenzies

1:40 pm Cake Walk

1:50 pm Proffitt & Deanie 

3:00 pm Jim Robertson & the McKenzies

3:50 pm Cake Walk, Cake Auction, Raffle Winners, Quilt Raffle, Silent Auction Winners


Sorghum Cooking

Food Pavilion and Brunswick Stew Sales

Artisan and Crafter Booths

Raffles and Prizes

Kids' Activities

Events at the 2017 Sorghum Festival

Clifford Sor​ghum Festival

 October 6 & 7, 2018